21 June 2007

Holy bias in journalism, Batman! Are the inmates running the asylum?

Who the F can you trust to deliver the news unbiased and plain, sans slant or agenda?

Can we even trust the self-acclaimed transparency seekers and I.A.D.-esque journalists who act as the whistle blowers? Are they even free from vendettas and agendas?

MSNBC checked the Federal Election Commission records from January 2004 through the first quarter of 2007 and attempted to contact each journalist... but can we trust MSNBC to be guileless and impartial?

MSNBC's Bill "dispassionate and neutral" Dedman compiled a list of 144 journalists who made campaign contributions.

MSNBC limited its search to:

  • Federal candidates, PACs and parties, not state or local campaigns.
  • Donors in news jobs, not corporate executives or publishers, who are allowed by nearly every news organization to donate.
  • Not on the list are more than 20 who bought tickets to the "Vote for Change" concerts put on by Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and others in 2004 to raise money to defeat President Bush. Unless those donors made other contributions, they get the benefit of the doubt that their intention was solely to hear the music. An MSNBC producer for The Today Show is in that group and in the interest of transparency is included on the list. Hmmmm.

(Here is the list.)

And a related article for that azz:

"Journalists Dole Out Cash to Politicians (Quietly): News organizations diverge on handling of political activism by staff"

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