28 June 2007

Hot celeb garbage for sale: Website guarantees that all items shown were taken from the trash bins outside Paris Hilton's Hollywood home

Dudes are selling celebrity trash, no, literally; they're selling ish from celeb's garbage cans. I guess they've got a friend who's a garbageman in Hollywood. Right now the site is still in its infancy so all they've got is some garden variety Paris Hilton trash (an empty box of SunMaid raisins, used travel-size Degree deodorant, an empty Guess box, an empty can of organic gourmet dog food, an empty Sierra Nevada Pale Ale bottle, Glacial water bottle partially full with cigarette butt, etc.) Personally, I'm holding out for Selma Hayek's Q-Tips.


Glenn said...


selma said...

oh yeah booty

Unknown said...

I would so marry and love and protect Salma 4-ever she is the kind of hottie that I would not mind spending the rest of my life with no matter what! Listen ALL women mean well they nag us to try to protect us from ourselves I would enjoy very much being nagged by that SEXY,BEAUTIFUL,GORGEOUS,WONDERFUL,BRILLIANT,WOMAN! I would lay down my LIfe to protect her and her child! Children have always had a fondness for me anyways! from my younger siblings and older ones too ! To my nieces,and nephews.I always loved to make everybody laugh usually out loud my last woman was an older Native American Beauty that I'll never get to hold again. I love the way some women smell she had the most awesome scent I could ever have imagined. I've not touched any woman in the past 5 years,and woman is ALL I want I'm not gay or bi.,but I am very particular.Salma would probably be the only female to even come close to filling her shoes!