11 June 2007

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Tony reflects upon his recent L.L. Bean purchase.

Whaddyawant from me?! Everyone is pissed about the ending of the Sopranos finale. Oh, shut up. It is what it is. No one would have been completely satisfied no matter what happened; there was no way for writer, director, creator David Chase to please everyone; no way to put to bed something so perfect and so cherished by so many. I'm already exhausted from reading all these blogs about it and its only the morning after! "After building tension for six seasons over 8-1/2 years, "The Sopranos," one of America's most critically acclaimed television shows, ended on Sunday with nothing more than a black screen. " Yeah, just like life! It just continues on or it just stops and we never know when it's gonna end. That was probably the most REAL and true-to-life ending of a hit TV show, EVER... It was a brave, bold and defiant way to end the show; to make it so realistic and life-like instead of Tony riding off into the sunset or tying up every single loose end. Still "the blogBARFosphere is busy dissecting every final moment, with some wanting to see profundity in the screen going black because of Tony's conversation with Bobby -- you wouldn't even know it had happened: everything would just go black." Yep, thats exactly it, so shut the F up. "Even if David Chase was demonstrating the existential and endless loop of Tony's life or the moments before the hit that causes his death, it still robbed the audience of visual closure." So WHAT?! Go watch Entourage. It's funny that for a show that was loved and revered for being so real and authentic, people still were searching and hoping for a typical Hollywood ending. Instead, what they got was a REAL true life ending and now everyone's upset and canceling their HBO subscriptions. Choke on it. "The ending was a reminder of what made David Chase’s series about New Jersey mobsters so distinctive from the beginning. “The Sopranos” was the most unusual and realistic family drama in television history. There have been many good Mafia movies and one legendary trilogy, but fans had to look to literature to find comparable depictions of the complexity and inconsistencies of American family life. It was sometimes hard to bear the encomiums — the saga of the New Jersey mob family has been likened to Cheever, Dickens and Shakespeare; scripts were pored over as if they were the Dead Sea Scrolls. But its saving grace was that the series was always many different things at once. " Holla

  • Roller Coaster Riders Left Hanging... Power Outage Strands 12 Upside Down On The X-Coaster At Magic Springs... A dozen riders on an Arkansas roller coaster spent half an hour hanging upside down — 150 feet above the ground — after a power outage shut down the attraction. It took about 30 minutes for the city Fire Department to rescue the riders using a ladder truck Saturday evening.

  • London... Two dicks were arrested Saturday on suspicion of harassing a dolphin known locally as "Dave" off the Kent coast in southeast England. Brilliant.

  • BEIJING... Torrential rain has killed at least 66 people in floods, house collapses and rockslides across southern China with more heavy rain predicted for much of this week.

  • Paris Hilton has found god. She told Barbara Walters on call-waiting.

  • Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman says the United States should be prepared to take "aggressive military action" against Iran in response to its purported killings of U.S. troops inside Iraq.

  • Though the mob’s ways have remained the same, its old neighbourhoods have not. The NY Times goes to Bath Avenue. Hysterical.

  • Marvin Schneider is New York City's clock master.

  • TMZ.com has obtained the first photo of Tracy Morgan's new SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) device -- an ankle bracelet worn to test for alcohol vapors that exit the skin. The device tests every 30 minutes for 90 days. If Morgan tests positive for alcohol use, he will have to start his 90 days over, and if he fails a second time he'll be forced to spend 30 days in a county jail.

  • Somewhere in Montana... A prison inmate accused of plotting to kidnap David Letterman's young son is on the loose after he and another man fled the Montana State Prison ranch in a truck. Top 10 places he could be hiding anyone?

  • Arielle Newman, a 17 year old cross-country runner at Notre Dame Academy on Staten Island, died after her body absorbed high levels of methyl salicylate, a wintergreen-scented anti-inflammatory ingredient found in sports creams such as Bengay and Icy Hot. "She either lathered herself with it, or used way too much, or she used a normal amount and an abnormal percentage was absorbed into her body," Dr. Ronald Grelsamer, of Mount Sinai said. Her mother, Alice Newman, said she still couldn't believe her daughter's death was caused by a sports cream. But Ellen Borakove, spokeswoman for the NYC medical examiner said "there were multiple products, used to great excess, and that's how she ended up with high levels. The products were used and the chemical absorbed over time, rather than from a single instance of overuse. The methyl salicylate likely caused a seizure after the teen returned home and went to bed." The girl died on April 3, they just figured what the F happened over the weekend. Craziness. Listen to a report about the story.
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