26 June 2007

I Spy A Celeb

I see a lot of celebs around these Park Avenue parts, I usually send my sightings to Gawker because they do that Gawker Stalker thing but from now on, whenever I see a celeb I just know they won't care about, I'll post it here.

So yesterday I saw this dude. It's Richard Masur. Richard Masur is a total "Ohhhhh, that dude". He's a familiar face but he hasn't really been typecast and its hard to recall where the F you know him from. In fact, I realised the only place I truly remembered Masur from is 1988's "License to Drive" with The Coreys: Haim and Feldman. I f*cking loved that movie. He played the neurotic dad and he was great. Now I really wanna go rent that ish.

So yeah, I saw your boy walking down 5th Avenue looking very granola in olive khakis, sunglasses, some sort of linen safari shirt and awful gray New Balance running sneakers, oh and he was wearing a backpack, I assumed it was full of trail mix.

This is from his official bio on imdb:

Versatile character actor whose quality TV movie roles over the years have ranged from playing a Senate investigator in Adam (1983) (TV), to a child molester in the acclaimed Fallen Angel (1981) (TV), to a gay cop in When the Bough Breaks (1986) (TV). He also received an Emmy nomination for his performance, opposite Farrah Fawcett (also nominated) as an abused wife and mother in The Burning Bed (1984) (TV).

Peep his resume, my man has been in 7 million movies and TV shows.

Ok, I'm out.

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