21 June 2007

Keep those lox on ice; its Thursday

  • I woke this morning to 1010 WINS' John Montone giving an exclusive report from... Bay Ridge?! I guess a "masked man" attacked an off-duty cop last night. Police said the intruder broke into her apartment on 69th Street (near Bliss Terrace) around 7:30 p.m. and raped her at knife point. The officer managed to escape and made her way to Lutheran Hosptial were she was treated and released. Teams of officers combed Bay Ridge last night looking for the attacker, who is described only as a white man, on foot, with dogs and up in helicopters. Hmmm. I'm going to refrain from commenting at this time but I don't... well, I smell a rat. I would like to give a warm welcome to all the NY TV press swarming 69th street off Colonial Road this morning. Welcome Lads! We had Good Day New York there, CBS-2 stopped by and I spied NY1's Gary Anthony Ramsay looking up and down Bay Ridge Ave très confused. I guess NBC-4 was having trouble finding parking.

  • My boy Sammy Sosa joins a very elite club hitting his 600th homerun last night! I've always loved this guy.

  • Wes Craven, director of "A Nightmare on Elm Street", is suing his neighbour Pauly "Chillin' with the.................wea-sel" Shore. I guess water from Pauly Shore's crib is seeping down creating a virtual landslide into Wes' humble abode. Oh, the rich and their landslides.

  • The other day we reported on a dude from Sweden who was receiving checks from Uncle Sven because his obsession with heavy metal had been declared a medical condition. Well now we're hearing the American Medical Association will soon vote on whether an "internet/video-game addiction" can be considered a medical condition. Read more.

  • Global warming: truth or propaganda? Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, argues in the Financial Times that ambitious environmentalism is the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity. Mr. Klaus writes that “global warming hysteria has become a prime example of the truth versus propaganda problem” and the issue “is more about social than natural sciences and more about man and his freedom than about tenths of a degree Celsius changes in average global temperature.” Preach on my brother, preach on.

  • OK, so now that we've decided global warming hasn't been a threat since 1998, now let's all join hands and panic for......... GLOBAL COOLING!! Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • OH, NOW WE GOT BEEF... Ralph Nader says he is seriously considering running for president in 2008 because he foresees another "Tweedledum-Tweedledee election" that offers little real choice to voters. He also said Hillary is a "political coward". FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

  • From Curbed: A new chapter has been written in the tale of Coney Island's redevelopment—the epic saga of our times not involving Frank Gehry. Up until now, everyone has been operating under the assumption that this summer would be the last for Astroland as we know it. Not so fast! After teasing us by hinting at an 11th-hour deal that would keep the amusement park around a bit longer, the Post drops the knowledge that Astroland will be in operation next summer as well. Holla! I guess?

  • Starting next month the The Times will cost you $1.25. Or you could just by five New York Posts.

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