18 June 2007

Late Night with Conan O'Brien Jon Stewart?

We all know in 2009 Conan O'Brien is expected to replace Jay Leno on the never funny Tonight Show. Jon Stewart's deal with Comedy Central and The Daily Show ends in 2008.

We're hearing that NBC may opt to pay out O'Brien $40 million to keep Leno on the Tonight Show, which conceivably would make room for Stewart to take over Late Night.

Leno sux loins. I really hope we don't lose Conan in this power play. I think NBC will be letting the wrong guy get loose here. Stewart and O'Brien = good. Leno = bad.

Perhaps Fox will try to lure free-agent O'Brien and missing in action Craig Kilborn to start their own late night franchises?

I guess we'll see y'all.

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