13 June 2007

LOL... Bay Area teen seriously injured faking fall for a MySpace photo

About Me: A 17-year-old Livermore boy who was seriously injured Monday night in Mt. Diablo State Park in San Francisco when I tried to fake a fall for the camera and then I actually fell 75 feet onto rocks.

Who I'd Like To Meet: My Doom

The shining bulb was on Sentinel Rock, a vertical formation near Rock City popular for its views, when he moved outside the handrail, lost his footing and fell into a crevice and became wedged between rocks and a hard place. Mick Jagger was unavailable for comment.

Friends of the boy, who is hospitalized with multiple traumatic injuries, told rescuers he had been trying to stage a photo of a fake fall for his MySpace page when he slipped and fell for real.

It took about an hour for authorities challenged by the steep terrain and absence of moonlight to rescue the boy. They used rock-climbing equipment to reach the crevice before they put the victim, who was conscious, on a gurney that they carried a half-mile to the Live Oak campground. There, they were met by a medical helicopter that transported the boy to a not-so-nearby hospital.

A college student died in the same area of the park where the Livermore teenager fell around this time last year. Nicholas Ermak, 22, Danville fell several hundred feet after reportedly venturing outside a roped-off area on Sentinel Rock to climb rocks on June 6. He died two days later of major head injuries. Now that ain't cool, but this tool taking a MySpace photo, I mean c'mon bro.

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