08 June 2007

Love my Blue Öyster Cult. Hate my "Don't Fear The Reaper"...

but this whole thing started with Devo. I realised I really do love my Devo and I think the "Are We Not Men?" album is a bona fide prophetic classic, however I cannot stand the song "Whip It" which just so happens to be their most famous song. If you say Devo, chances are someone will say "Whip It" and then I barf. So this sort of eroded into a phenomenon of sorts and I realised this Devo/Whip It thing was actually true for quite a few bands.

For instance, I love my Blue Öyster Cult but I loathe my "Don't Fear The Reaper". Blue Öyster Cult's "Secret Treaties" is one of my favourite records of all time. But the song everyone knows is goddamn "Don't Fear The Reaper" and its by far their cheesiest song, ever. If you say Blue Öyster Cult, chances are they'll know "Don't Fear The Reaper" either from some Freedom Rock cassette or from that "I need more cowbell" skit on SNL.

I love Bob Dylan more than almost anyone, but I can almost say that I love my Dylan but I hate my "Like A Rolling Stone". Theres no arguing the song is a bona fide classic and I know every lyric and all that, but "Like A Rolling Stone" is probably the only Dylan song I'll skip past on the radio. Sometimes the heavy organ on that particular track just annoys the shit out of me. So, yeah. I love my Bob Dylan but I hate my "Like A Rolling Stone"; and again, even if you don't know any other Dylan tracks, chances are you know this one. It's arguably his signature song.

I love my Doors but hate my "Light My Fire". The Doors were my first favourite band, ever. I was obsessed with them, their story, their everything. I own every record, but that goddamn 10 minute Ray Manzarek masturbation in the middle of "Light My Fire" often loses me. Most radio stations play the edited version sans the solo but if its the unedited version, chances are I'll switch the station or hit fast forward before that solo kicks in.

There are many more examples but I'm bored with this now. You get the idea. Peace.

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