22 June 2007

Meanwhile... on Atlantic Avenue... A well-known civil rights lawyer and his wife get busted

Something you'll no doubt be hearing more about over the next few days: Civil rights lawyer Michael Warren and his wife Evelyn were arrested after they allegedly interfered with a police arrest at Atlantic and Vanderbilt.

Warren, who has represented Tupac Shakur, members of the Black Panthers and Abner Louima, said, "I got hit in the jaw, upside the head and on my lip a few times, and you can see that my pants are torn, but I'm fine. I'm great."

The Warrens were driving along and claim that narcotics officers were beating up a man suspected of drug possession and auto theft. The Warrens got out of their car and criticized the officers; Evelyn Warren allegedly scratched a female officer's face. The pair got back into their car and refused to come out, so the cops dragged them out and arrested Michael Warren for obstructing governmental administration and gave Evelyn Warren a summons for disorderly conduct.

A crowd of 200 people waited outside the 77th Precinct for five hours until the Warrens to came out. Warren is also described as a "pal" of the Reverend Al Sharpton and as a lawyer who specializes in police misconduct cases.

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