11 June 2007

Monday night the party is ALWAYS at 151 Rivington

Every Monday you be knowing where to find us letting our hair down and searching for left over blow on the sink knocking back a few at 151 Rivington on the L.E.S.

Go see Danny the dashing bartender and tell him his old doorman sent ya.

Yes folks, for it was here as the gatekeeper of the beloved 151 that I cut my young teeth hobnobbing with Swedish models and lighting cigarettes for the lower echelons of the New York elite; the bottom-feeders, the catfish if you will, of Gotham's labyrinthine socialite scene.

For it is here at 151 that those on their way up straddling rockets and those on their way down with bricks in their pockets meet for drinks like passing ships at a distant port... For it was here that I dreamt of peaches and cream; dollars and dreams and a blog that would pave my way with roses and gold, standing amongst good stead upon carpets of crimson red, thy bright future unfold.

Monday and Wednesday nights at 151 is where dreams come true, my friends. Be seen there.

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