07 June 2007

More Depressing Than Driving Thru Poland Listening to Joy Division

  • Bob Barker is auctioning off one of his original signature tall, skinny microphones. It's on Ebay and the money will go to benefit the United Activists for Animal Rights. Right now its going for close to $7,000

  • 7 Dead in 24 hours of rash shootings throughout NYC

  • U.S. Death Toll Tops 3,500 in Iraq

  • A plane carrying a donated organ and organ transplant team crashed, killing all aboard.

  • Warm weather makes felines feel frisky; Droves of cats and kittens are swarming into animal shelters nationwide, and "global warming" is to blame.

  • Is the new Williamsburg-Greenpoint condo iKon trying to become hell on earth—or is it just doing so inadvertently? After using a fake Lenny Kravitz to hawk the opening, they've moved on to punk rock pre-tweens to sell the open haus. Meet the iKon Kid. This is so famously lame. There is nothing punk about $500K studios and $3M Penthouses. BARF!

  • Alex Kucynski gives us ├╝ber douche-chills gushing over designer John Varvatos in The Times. You know him, he's the dude who invented boxer-briefs and those Conver$e sans laces.

  • NBC's Brian Williams waxes The Sopranos.

  • Celeblog of the day: David Byrne @ DavidByrne.com... The former Talking Heads frontman has long had one of the best blogs on the Web. He's very consistent in posting his thorough, well-written entries; expect a large diet of music, biking and modern art. What makes Byrne's blog especially enjoyable, though, is how he shines through - like us - as a fan. If he goes to an excellent concert or museum exhibit, he returns to his computer bursting at the seams to discuss and analyze it. Same as it ever was. Holla!

  • As I was feverishly aggregating for this installment I came across a lot of depressing sh&t, more depressing than usual, that I'll spare sharing with you. You can thank me later. The world is f&cked and the goddamn "Ducks" won the Stanley Cup! BARF.

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Anonymous said...

File this one under Unproven Conspiracy Theories.

In a news release, Global Warming Key Factor in Increase of Cat Population yesterday, Pets Across America President Kathy Warnick said global warming is thought to be a contributing factor to the dramatic increase of stray, owned and feral cats.

Pets Across America, self-described in the release as "the largest umbrella organization for animal shelters serving more than 130 million people" also stated that cats outnumber dogs by 13.5 million and that the number is growing and that animal shelters across the United States are reporting skyrocketing influxes of cats and kittens being brought into their agencies. Most importantly, however, they used their news release to tell the world that "many believe global warming is extending cat-breeding seasons and causing the cat population to swell."

I repeat their claim: "many believe global warming is...causing the cat population to swell!"

WARNING: Below is where the conspiracy-theory angle, though still very much unproven, comes into play. Proceed at your own peril.

After taking into account this earth-shattering news from Pets Across America, can you honestly believe it's a coincidence that this Kansas City, Mo.-based group chose to issue its news release only one week prior to the airing of Bob Barker's last episode of The Price is Right? No way!

I suspect that Barker, arguably the world's most-visible advocate of spaying and neutering pets, opted to retire this year only after coming under immense pressure from a below-the-radar campaign by animal shelter advocate groups like Pets Across America. Their never-made-public argument: Barker's spaying and neutering advocacy was a flop, and we should have been concentrating on stopping Global Warming.

Something to think about from Bob McCarty Writes™

[Editor's Note: The final episode of The Price is Right
featuring Bob Barker airs on CBS June 15 at 11 a.m. Eastern.]