11 June 2007

More Monday; An Addendum

There's just so much fresh fruit out there ripe for-the-pickin' that I had to return to the nest with some more scoop for that ass.

  • As it turns out Madge and JFK Jr. were gonna bang one cheap night in Chicago but neither of them had any condoms. Holla.

  • Interpol finally updated their mustache website.

  • Click here to watch a preview from Kylie Minogue's upcoming documentary film White Diamond, which she just posted on her website. HOLLA!

  • It was a very, very, very, violent weekend... and I'm not even talking about the TONY's, the P.R. parade or the BarfBQpalooza in Madison Square Park.

  • Don't sleep, The Traveling Wilburys' albums are being reissued this week.

  • And at least we've got AJ listening to Bob Dylan, right? If you aren't exhausted of it all yet, read what some of what those paid to be critical are saying about the Sopranos finale:

    - USA Today's Robert Bianco called the last few minutes the series' "final dark joke."

    - Slate's weekly discussion is underway. Says Timothy Noah: "I think (David) Chase didn't know how to end this wonderful series. So he created a lot of fake tension and then pulled the plug of my television set."

    - The San Francisco Chronicle calls the ending "both perfect and annoying."

    - Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwarzbaum liked the finale, calling it "a clue-strewn valedictory episode and a beautifully unresolved stopping point."

    - The Washington Post's Tom Shales notes the episode's pop-culture references, saying, "Only Chase could mix Yeats with the theme from The Twilight Zone and Simon & Garfunkel's Cecilia played as a cellphone chime and make it all jell." Holla

    - Time.com: "I've already heard the complaint that Six Feet Under's finale was right in all the ways that this one was wrong. But Six Feet Under was a show that was, literally, about the fact that everything ends. The Sopranos is a show about the fact that nothing does -- until you die, you just repeat the same patterns over and over."

    - and lastly "I think it's a great ending. It's a good way to go out," Michael Imperioli said at a cast party last night.
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