24 June 2007

Oh no, I think I went and became a real businessman; also praise for Gotham City, albeit from someone I'm related to :)

I had a wonderful weekend (as of Sunday at 5pm) but I'm worried I'm turning into a real workingman, check that, a real "finance documentation specialist", for this weekend, I:

  1. Went to Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  2. Ripped up a carpet at my new apartment
  3. Bought a new couch
  4. Got a $140 speeding ticket on a Friday night (TOTAL mid-life crisis)
  5. Drank Corona Light bottles
  6. Listened to NPR
  7. Hung with my dog
  8. Contemplated buying rocking chairs for my porch
  9. Picked up dry cleaning
  10. Dropped of laundry
God, what a bore! Haha. What happened to the trailblazing rebel who toured the world with a few friends and a few pairs of socks in a garbage bag? Where is the man who slept on the dirty floors of anarcho-punk squats in Basque Country and stole avocados and baguettes to eat on a beach in France? Where is the man who assembled a giant cross from 4x4 scraps and smashed it on stage in Germany and then threw a wine bottle at a skinhead? Hahaha, wow I was a real asshole, good thing I had back-up (Thanks Tom & Joe!). Where is the dude who started a brawl backstage in Berlin because while we were playing the opening band had taken all our cupcakes and thrown them all over the room? You F with my cupcakes, I break your face. Where is this man now? Well, he's in aisle 7a of Bed, Bath and Beyond browsing toilet seats, that's where he is.

My Uncle T has a blog and he gave me some props, check his new blog, Deep In The Heart of Brooklyn, its good times and he's my Godfadda, so do it.

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