21 June 2007

"The person I'm stealing WiFi from really needs to get a faster connection"

  • Gawker is designing a new shirt and they want your help. Some of the proposed slogans actually made me chortle. Submit your own or vote on the ones already there.

  • Researchers at Purdue University released a simulation of a plane crashing into World Trade Center, which shows that fireproofing material was stripped from the building as the planes crashed into them. You can see a video here researchers used Google Earth to provide city context and it's pretty disturbing.

  • In what may be the first crack in bloggerazzi douchenozzle Perez Hilton's pirated empire, his main webhost has dropped Perezhilton.com. After many warnings against Hilton's a.k.a. Mario Lavandeira's use of copyrighted celebrity images, the Oz-based webhost co. Crucial Paradigm took his site off line; it was dark for a number of hours yesterday before it returned to the interwebnetscapesphere with a different host. Hilton is currently named in 4 lawsuits involving 8 photo agencies for his alleged theft of photographs that appear on his site. Read more from Variety.

  • Yo that sh*t ain't landin' today, son... Space shuttle Atlantis skipped its landing opportunities today because of showers and clouds at Kennedy Space Center. The shuttle has 5 more landing opportunities over the next 3 days. Oh boy, here we go.

  • For those of you who follow NY radio out there and are familiar with Opie & Anthony, the deconstruction of FreeFM and the flip back to K-Rock, here's an email John Mainelli (ex-NY Post writer/FreeFM program director) sent to Opie (in confidence), posthumously critiquing a few things about the show. Read it here.

  • From Drivl: An Idiot's Guide to Presidential Primaries

  • Jimmy Kimmel had an emergency appendectomy last night. He's doing OK now.

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