05 June 2007

Slow news day means its time for pet peeves

The term originated from the word 'peeve.' A 'peeve,' meaning something that is particularly irritating or annoying, is a relatively recent word. Its first printed usage was in 1911. The term is a back formation from a 14th-century word: 'peevish,' meaning ornery or ill-tempered.

So basically a pet peeve is exactly that: an especially cherished or indulged annoyance.

pet peeve (noun) : Something about which one frequently complains; a particular personal vexation; an opportunity for complaint that is seldom missed. Hahaha! I love dictionaries!

Anyway, here are two random pet peeves of mine. Enjoy!...........

1- People with bar stools in their haus: These are the most uncomfortable things to sit on, ever. There is nothing to do but slouch since struggling to sit up straight with nothing to support your back is an exercise in futility and now instead of sitting on a chair, relaxing and conversing, I am hyper-aware of my posture and trying not to slouch and trying to sit erect and my whole visit to your house is now ruined; is that what you f*cking want!? If you want to sit on a stool go to a bar or a food court on your own time and don't assume or force your guests to sit on stools! It's no fun. When I'm in someones home, I want a chair with a back and some support; I want comfort and stability. Don't make me climb up on a goddamn stool like I'm at the mall claiming a table while my girl goes and gets us Sbarro.

2- People who make you take your shoes off before you enter their haus: If my pet peeves had a greatest hits album, this would be the lead track. I've talked about this before. This has to be the most awkward ritual someone can ask you to perform prior to entering their palace. Ok, I'm at your door, ding-dong, yeah, its me, hi, what? take my shoes off?! Fuck this. Good-bye. Do you realise how awkward it is to be completely dressed in a winter coat, a scarf, a hat, and now I'm not wearing any shoes? Now I'm in my Peacoat and my goddamn socks?! It's completely asinine. Put a nice rugged doormat on your porch or in the hall and simply ask the people to rub their shoes a few times and then let them inside. Look, unless you've got a 2,500-year-old Pazyryk Rug from the Safavid dynasty there is no reason to request your guests remove their shoes before entering your home. And if you have the balls to ask me to remove my shoes, don't get mad when I have the balls to turn around and leave. Answering the door and immediately asking me to take my shoes off tells me you are either an anal or pretentious asshole who shouldn't be having guests over in the first place if you are so worried and preoccupied about your floors being sullied by your peon guests. F*ck all y'all.

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