22 June 2007

Splasher Caught Sabotaging Obey Show in DUMBO?!

Hey, live by the sword, die by the sword, that's what I say... This dude The Splasher has been going around and well, splashing paint on ish. That's his M.O. and I guess the other night The Splasher (such a comic book villain) and some other dude tried to crash the Shepard Fairey art show in DUMBO and now everyone is up in arms.

But uhh... before Fairey was a revered and respected graphic designer having art shows in DUMBO with dudes in white gloves doling out cheese cubes on toothpicks and bubbly, he was guerrilla just like The Splasher. My boy Fairey practically wrote the book on modern-street-art-terrorism with his Andre The Giant Has A Posse campaign which is what put him on the map back in the early 90's. There wouldn't be a Splasher if there weren't a Banksy and there wouldn't be a Banksy if it weren't for Fairey. Then again, if it weren't for Basquiat I doubt we'd have any of these dudes.

Now I ain't calling what The Splasher is doing "art" but he's getting known just like everyone else gets known and that's how it's done. He wants people talking about him and respecting him, he's gonna go about doing it however he sees fit; whether its setting off stink and smoke bombs at an art show or splashing buckets of paint on ish. And then when The Splasher finally has everyones attention, he'll get known, get his art up there and some other dude will come and slap his stencil over The Splasher's ish. That's how it goes, son.

There aren't any rules to this game anymore.

Here's more about this from The Gothamist

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