12 June 2007

The Sun Shall Rise and Set on the Maoz Empire!! MAOZ ARRIVES IN NEW YORK

I'd been meaning to write about this for some time but kept forgetting. My apologies!! You all must be starving! I have the perfect cure.

The World Famous Maoz's of Amsterdam has FINALLY planted its flag in Gotham. The maiden voyage of Maoz is located at 38 Union Square East betwixt 16th and 17th street.

"The first Maoz branch was opened in 1991 in Amsterdam. The motivator behind this pioneer shop was the idea that it was time Dutch people were introduced to a new and nutritious vegetarian dish". Oh, how deelish!

We used to play this club called The Melkweg whenever we toured Holland and the original Maoz was but a cobblestones throw away; it's been a love affair ever since. We'd always say they should open one in NYC and now they finally have. You can thank us later.

Oh, they serve falafel by the way. Forgot to mention that; and it's perfect. Mangia Bene!

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