27 June 2007

Survivor: Brooklyn

Sometimes I come across stuff that I'm so excited to immortalise and share with you I barely have time to wrap my own head around them; my mind is typing faster than my fingers can think and I'm writing faster than I'm absorbing because I'm so excited... Often times, I'll just skim the article, pick up the main points, summarise it and post it here. Like right now, after I'm done typing out this entry, I'll actually go read for myself the article I'm alerting you all to go read. Do you follow? I hope so. Try and keep up. I work fast :)

Ever since I was a kid, well at least since school trips in long yellow buses with hunter green vinyl seats where you were high up enough to see down below over the sides, anytime I drove over the Verrazano Bridge, I've always noted the little unknown uninhabited islands in the water and wondered why they weren't filled with fancy people doing fancy things. The Narrows Yacht Club for instance...

Well, I just stumbled upon an article in New York Magazine about a guy who had also made note of these little egg-shaped islands from his vantage point in a 747 and decided he'd go and visit them; all of them, or at least as many as he could to see what he could see and find what he could find.

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