18 June 2007

Tony & Carm Soprano Yard Sale Tomorrow... No, Really!

The world wide inter-web-net-space is a-buzz with rumours of an über cryptic "Movie Company Set Dressing and Warehouse Sale" posting that turned up on Craigslist today.


Several insiders have informed me that the ish listed on Craigslist is actually a sale hawking all of the props and furnishings and scenery from The Sopranos. For realsies!

The sale starts tomorrow and is in Long Island City (which makes sense since thats where Silvercup Studios is at).

Bring lots o' cash and an affinity for nouveau Jersey mobster chic, oh and a moving van, as "plenty of furniture, lamps, rugs, antiques, books, kitchen and bathroom accesories etc." will be on sale. Holla!

I want Paulie Walnuts' toothbrush and toilet seat !

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