12 June 2007

Two fer Tuesdays

  • Ummm yeah. A man was rescued after his car was crushed by a trailer on the BQE near Atlantic Avenue around 1:30 this afternoon. The driver of the car was rescued within minutes of the crash. The extent of his injuries were unknown. Wow. Panic.

  • A Long Island landscaper was killed this afternoon after apparently falling into a cesspool while cutting the back lawn of a suburban home. The dude was found inside the 6-foot cesspool with his lawnmower tilted askew nearby close to a co-worker who had been cutting the front lawn. It was not immediately clear how the cesspool collapsed.

  • Designer lobsters found in New London, Connecticut.

  • As we reported the other day, Dan Rather, speaking on MSNBC by phone, said CBS had made the mistake of taking the evening news broadcast and "dumbing it down, tarting it up,'' and playing up topics such as celebrities over war coverage. While referring to Couric as a "nice person,'' Rather said "the mistake was to try to bring the 'Today' show ethos to the 'Evening News,' and to dumb it down, tart it up in hopes of attracting a younger audience.'' Well now CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves shot back at former CBS news anchor Dan Rather saying remarks Rather made about his successor, Katie Couric, were "sexist". Dan Rather then told Les to "smell the glove".

  • Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and his distributor, Harvey Weinstein, appeared at a press conference yesterday to question why the government is investigating Moore's trip to Cuba for his upcoming film, Sicko. The film, which premiered at Cannes and is scheduled to open in a few weeks, questions the American health care system and, at one point, Moore takes three September 11 rescue workers to Cuba to get health care treatment for them there. Now the Treasury Department is investigating the trip, saying it may have violated the trade embargo. Oh, suck it.

  • Check out 5 BOROUGHS Ice Cream before its yanked off the shelves.

  • John Travolta and his family reveal their nocturnal secret to avoiding paparazzi. That's really weid.

  • BERLIN, DE (AP) - Cute as a Knutton... Germany's celebrity polar bear cub, is turning into a moneymaker for the Berlin Zoo, which expects to bring in $3.3 million more than last year due to a dramatic rise in visitors. The 6-month-old bear draws several hundred visitors each day, who line up behind metal gates for his 11 a.m. public viewing. Unfazed by the attention, Knut rolled in the dirt under a broiling sun and chewed on the arm of his keeper. Awwww, Knut.

  • The next person who blames ANYTHING on "global warming" is getting punched in the loins.

  • That's all for now. Goodnight, folks!

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