20 June 2007

Vases in Volkswagens: Uncorking the Mystery

Well, apparently it isn't that much of a mystery at all, it's just a corny Beetle accessory from way back and I'm easily intrigued.

A friend of mine has a classic restored Beetle and he's got the flower vase in there, that's where I first noticed it... then I started noticing them everywhere I looked on the new VW Bugs. I thought maybe it was some shiny happy people cult so I rained on their parade by writing an article about how Hitler basically invented the Beetle.

A simple Google search clued me in real fast. It's not a cult, though it might be, and it's not some sort of secret symbolism, though it could be, it's simply an offered interior accessory; the dash-mounted flower vase...

Though apparently it IS a throwback thing... "the flower vase, a nostalgic accessory from the Beetle era" is how one site puts it... while another describes it as a "quirky delight"... Geez, I guess VW owners are easy to please.

Another website rhetorically asks, "Really, how many automobiles come with an integrated dashboard flower vase?" Well, none, but who the F wants that anyway? "It is equipped with the flower vase so the car becomes a more pleasant place" hahahaha this is just silly now. People are absolutely bonkers for this dashboard vase, sorry, this integrated dashboard flower vase.

"VW Beetle's signature flower vase next to the steering wheel..."

"Replacement bud vases are available in three colors to hold your favorite flower..."

"...quality in a more light-hearted and fun package and ... In case you hadn't heard, Beetles are fitted with a dash-mounted flower vase"

Yes, we've heard, we've heard; we've alllll heard it. OK?

I'll keep my flowers and my vases in my apartment. I like to be able to distinctly differentiate betwixt my house and my car and putting a vase on my dashboard with some lilies in there just won't happen; not on my watch hahaha.

What's next the new 2008 Chevy Malibu with a working fireplace and hand-painted wall sconces?! Or how about the new 2008 Ford Focus with exposed brick and an EIK?

Either way, I don't think der F├╝hrer would've been too into all this happiness and lighthearted glee being associated with his Opus magnum.

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Anonymous said...

The car vase actually got it's start in the late 1890s- NOT with the Beetle. The original ones are actually quite exquisite and a nice change from a cardboard pine tree hanging from your mirror.