13 June 2007

Wednesday AM leftovers

  • Spain makes Dylan a Prince... Bob Dylan was awarded Spain's Prince of Asturias arts award, one of the country's most prestigious honours today.

  • Pull your goddamn pants up, son! The Mayor of the small town of Delcambre, Louisiana said he would sign an ordinance this week setting penalties of up to six months in jail and a $500 fine for anyone being caught in pants that shows underwear or certain parts of the body. "It's gotten way out of hand out here," he said. AMEN!

  • Through September 4th, Eugene de Salignac's photographs will be shown at the New York Rises exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York. What separates this photographer from others who have taken famous shots of this city throughout the ages, is that de Salignac served as photographer for the New York City Department of Bridges/Plant and Structures. He did this for the first three decades of the 20th century (1903 to 1934) and in doing so brought us thousands upon thousands of images of New York, in fact, rising. The images of "bridges, buildings, roads, and subways document the emergence of the modern city, while at the same time providing a unique aesthetic vision of the built environment and the people who created it."

  • So last fall Charlotte musician and guitar instructor Bob "Granola" Teixeira spent $1,200 to convert his 1981 diesel Mercedes to run on vegetable oil. He bought soybean oil in 5-gallon jugs at Costco, spending about 30 percent more than diesel would cost. His reward, from a state that heavily promotes alternative fuels: a $1,000 fine last month for not paying motor fuel taxes. He's been told to expect another $1,000 fine from the federal government and to legally use veggie oil, state officials told him, he would have to first post a $2,500 bond. Awesome.

  • 20 Movies Not Coming Soon to a Theater Near You... Despite big name stars, strong buzz, and built-in fans, some films still find 'development hell' a very real place. Here's a list of 20 Movies Not Coming Soon to a Theater Near You


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