14 June 2007

The World's Ugliest Bookshelf Is Finally Unveiled; IKEA goes back to the drawing board

This thing looks like some poor f#ck tried to follow the Swedish Ikea instructions and just said "F&CK THIS!" and improvised.

From some sci-fi blog: "The Gravity Bookshelf is a piece of furniture with a design that you'll love or hate, but either way you can't deny its inherent practicality." OH, I wouldn't dare ever! "By bending the plywood shelves so they appear to be coming out of the floor, designer Leo Kempf ensured that any books or, say, DVDs, that you put on it won't fall over, with no need for any bookends." BARF. This thing is only cool because it reminds me of Woody Allen's "Sleeper".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It looks like
-George Jetson's night table
- Dubya's high school woodworking project.
-New bar design recommended by leading 12 step organization.
-Salvador Dali's mother's birthing stool