25 June 2007

MONDAY: Breakfast at Tourneau

  • Wow, Bay Ridge is officially back on the map because Gawker gave us the time of day and they seem to have done it without permission from The NY Times! How rebellious! Albeit the maiden Bay Ridge-Gawker reference is bittersweet for it comes tied in with a story about a dude named Brad and his inflammatory MySpace blog about "the gays"; Brad's a dude I probably went to HS with who was très perturbed that the gay pride parade interfered with his weekly Sunday "city" errands - haha - as you can imagine, it's a classic read. My question is, what caliber dregs-cum-correspondents does Gawker employ to unearth this stuff?! A guido from Bay Ridge and his MySpace blog?! Wow, now that's investigative niche journalism! Regardless of Brad's indefensible Neanderthalia, how adorable is it that we Bay Ridge people still refer to Manhattan as "the city"? C'mon, that's cute!

  • I guess our president has never seen Faulty Towers... Naturally, when your boy G.W. stays at the Waldorf Astoria, he favours not the renown signature salad but telluric bologna sandwiches on Wonder Bread, with mayonnaise, with Doritos on the side. Wow. Why even make a cheap joke here, really?

  • Rare Nazi Movie Footage Found in Staten Island to Be Shown on TV... I knew there were still skins out on the island: Movie footage found in a S.I. basement will be shown on an upcoming national TV show. The rare footage shows Adolf Hitler moshing hanging out with Nazi cohorts such as Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goering at a Richard Wagner music festival. Scholars say it's unusual to find footage of Hitler in a social setting.The footage ended up in a Staten Island basement when a US serviceman sent it from Germany to a relative. But it hasn't been seen since it was found 10 years ago. It debuts on the PBS show "The History Detectives'' on Sept. 3. Oh, I knew there was a catch!

  • Speaking of television, Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel is my new favourite show. Get hooked!

  • My second favourite show as of today at 3pm is the Antiques Roadshow, it just never gets old.

  • From the "Nigga, please" Department: Cameron Diaz apologised yesterday for carrying a bag with a political slogan that evoked painful memories during a recent trip she made to Peru. The bags, marketed as fashion accessories in some world capitals, evoke memories of the Maoist Shining Path insurgency that fought the government of Peru in the 1980s and early 1990s in a bloody conflict that left nearly 70,000 people dead. In somewhat related news, my very first email address was "MaoMao666@aol.com" Read more from MF'n Breitbart if for some reason you are thirsty for more.

  • I have no idea why but Whitney Houston's "I'm Your Baby Tonight" has just taken residence in my head. Story is developing...

  • In a wide-open race, presidential candidates are scrambling to get CEO endorsements... I am available for bribes if anyone is reading... Meanwhile, Forbes declares Hillary their Woman of the Year and now everyone else has to play catsup ketchup.

  • Word on the street is Rupert Murdoch is stupid close to finally sealing the worst kept secret/deal to purchase The Wall Street Journal even as the jealously merciless NY Times continues to fire away against ole RuMu.

  • More later, I need an iced coffee... it's just one of those manic Mondays

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