06 June 2007

Yeeeeehaw! Let's go to the rodeo!... in New Jersey?!

Our Resident Garden State Correspondent "Double R" brings you this exclusive: So I had the pleasure of going along on a job to film a commercial for a Latin radio DJ last Saturday. The gist of the series of commercials is that this guy will do anything for ratings - Wakka Wakka! Honk! Honk! HEY NOW EVERYBODY! - Apparently they did something with some wrestlers and now they decided he was going to ride a buck horse & a bull. Well, naturally.

So we drove down the Jersey Turnpike to Exit 1 and found the Cowtown Rodeo in Pilesgrove. When we got there, there was a flea market in full swing, which had the usual flea market items that you find at the Belmont or wherever… There were some horses and cows grazing in some fields nearby. We met up with the other people for the shoot and they brought us down to the rodeo area.................................

All of a sudden I felt like we had made the long drive to Texas. There were teens walking around in cowboy shirts, hats & boots. There were bulls corralled in an area, branded and missing the tips of their horns so they don’t gore any of the riders. There was the constant sound of the bulls “Mooing”, I don’t know what bulls do but they didn’t look all too happy.

The commercial went off with no problems. They had some local cowboys stand in as extras and the rodeo announcer was even in it. They had a "pro" do the stunt bull riding and after he jumped off the bull, they sent a cow in to calm the bull down; the two romped around a bit and then were called back in.

By the time we were done, the locals were arriving for the weekly Saturday night rodeo with their lawn chairs, coolers, snacks and the contestants were showing up in their chaps, boots & hats.

However, the real story here is what a strange, strange state New Jersey really is.

For a state that takes about 2 hours to get from top to bottom, you can really see every extreme possible. From the richest suburbs, to some of the worst slums, to some of the most polluted and disgusting industrial areas, to idyllic farms, and even to southern rodeos…. Holla!

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