06 July 2007

2 Random Thoughts for that azz

  1. Whenever Lou Dobbs says we must "secure our ports" (and he says about once every 3 minutes) it makes me think of Mrs. Paul's fishsticks and molluscs and other nergles of the deep sea. Something about the crunchiness and cadence of his voice coupled with the somewhat archaic sound of someone talking about "securing ports" makes me think of tiny snails and clams and big thick tan twine fishing nets on angry gray seas and those wood carved fisherman figurines in bright yellow raincoats, smoking corn cob pipes behind white beards. Seriously, if Lou Dobbs came on the radio and started talking about scallops and tartar sauce and sh*t, I'd be sold. Instantly.

  2. Is that Jack Handey of Deep Thoughts fame on that new iPhone commercial? Because it sounds exactly like him and I have a startling voice memory index.

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