16 July 2007

2 random 2 B 4gotten

First, an update on the gospel candy store downstairs... Just now I heard gospel REGGAE! When? WHEN does it end?!!!!!

  1. I can't stand when people say "Are you serious?!" when you're telling them a story or some sort of anecdote. Yes, I'm f#cking serious, now shut up and listen! Also, enough with the "Oh my god, thats craziest thing I've ever seen!!" or the "OMG thats the funniest thing I've ever heard!!". Trust me, its not. And if it is, there will be something crazier or funnier, you're still young, so don't jump to conclusions like that.

  2. How did I miss this story about a drunk guy at Yankee Stadium falling on some other dudes head and breaking his neck!? I'm sorry but this is hysterical and seems like an incident normally reserved for a place like Shea*. I guess this dude was here on vacation from Washington and he came to see a Yankee game, because well, thats what tourists do, they go to see the Yankees like its a Broadway show. The man "was in the steep upper deck of the stadium on July 8 when an unidentified man above him fell down several rows of seats, breaking Robinson's vertebra. It is believed the man who fell was drunk. (Ya think?) The man's neck broke at the point where his spine supports his head; the man underwent surgery to have a screw placed in his neck." Unbelievable. I just love the mental image of a big, red-faced drunk goon falling down six rows of seats and landing on some dudes head like a sack of sweet potatoes. I bet the drunk guy didn't even spill his beer, not at those prices!

    *A similar event took place in April during a Mets game at Shea: A 58-year-old woman suffered a broken back when a very large, drunken man crashed into her during a fall. The woman, who cracked several vertebrae, is now suing the team and its beer vendor.(Well, naturally. Why would she sue the dude who fell on her when she can sue two multi-million dollar corporations?)

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