06 July 2007

7-7-07 Weddings BARF

7/7/07 occurs only once a century and it happens to fall on a Saturday, um, tomorrow, during a popular month for weddings.

Therefore, as you can imagine, it has created the perfect 'storm of love', according to "wedding professionals".... uhm, is that a PC way to say "people who've been married a lot"?

Thousands of couples around the world will share the day. 38,000+ brides have listed July 7 as their wedding date on TheKnot.com, a clearing house for wedding information. A what?

The Ritz-Carlton in Central Park has the Lucky No. 7 wedding package. For a group of 77, it's offering a seven-bottle champagne toast, a seven-tier wedding cake and seven Tiffany & Co. diamonds for the bride. Room 2007 will be available for the bridal party to get ready in, and afterward, the couple gets a seven-night honeymoon at any Ritz-Carlton hotel - all for $77,777. A seven-day advance payment is required. Too late. And rumour has it no one took them up on this wackariffic package. Oh well.

While many picked the date for superstitious reasons, Kathleen Murray of TheKnot.com said some women also saw a practical reason to get married July 7.

"We've had brides write that their guys have a hard enough time remembering their birthday, much less an anniversary," Murray said. "7/7/07 is easy to remember."

ERF. I hate stereotypical domestic humour almost as much as I hate political humour.

Well, happy wedding everybody! I hope your luvre is more important than an easy to remember date on the calendar.

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