20 July 2007

Bay Ridge Real Estate Broker Found Dead, Stabbed

Magdy Okley, a 52-year old Egyptian immigrant who arrived penniless and achieved the American dream as a real estate broker, was robbed and stabbed to death in his 100th street apartment in Bay Ridge yesterday.

His apartment was ransacked and some of his belongings were tossed onto the sidewalk police said. His body, stabbed numerous times and duct-taped to a chair, was found about 8:45 a.m. by the buildings super.

There were no signs of forced entry but it was unclear whether Okelly knew his attackers. Police say he may have had a woman over the previous night who set him up. Magdy's hands were bound with duct tape, and several men and a woman were seen leaving his home.

Neighbours said Okelly had some pending eviction hearings which may have angered some tenants.

He "arrived with nothing. He was a dishwasher, listened, watched, followed, and then became a real estate agent and then a broker," said one of his employees, agent Jim Glynn. "The American success story."

He owned Era Okelly International Realty on 69th street and 3rd ave in Bay Ridge.

Slay ends American dream [Daily News]


Anonymous said...

We met Okelly about 11 years ago...he made us laugh and always lent an ear. I will miss him dearly. I will miss his smile.
Rest in Peace Okelly.

Anonymous said...

I met Okelly only once, but I was impressed by his humility and easy going spirit. As part of a story that he related to me he mentioned how he felt the need to feed the birds and the animals around his residence. I am deeply saddened by this event.

Anonymous said...

i knew him because he had owned the building i lived in as a child and he was a sweet man who always would help if any of his tenants needed it...rip okelly