10 July 2007

Beware of Red2G

That frisky European Food Safety Authority has expressed concern about the use of the food colouring "E128", also known as "Red 2G"

Another reason you shouldn't eat meat... Just in time for your summer BBQ's, the additive used in some sausages and burgaz may kaws cancer.

Red 2G is converted in the body into an oily substance called aniline, which has now been shown in tests to have the potential to trigger cancer.

The European Food Safety Authority said: "Given new scientific evidence, it cannot be excluded that aniline's carcinogenic potential is due to damage to the genetic material of the cells. It is therefore not possible to determine a level of intake for aniline which may be regarded as safe for humans. The Panel therefore concluded that Red 2G should be regarded as being of safety concern."

Red 2G is already banned in a number of countries, including Japan but not including the UK and the U.S.


More panic from the BBC ...

More Red2G / Aniline fun facts:

  1. Aniline was first isolated from the destructive distillation of indigo in 1826 by Ott Unverdorben. In 1841, C. J. Fritzsche showed that by treating indigo with caustic potash it yielded an oil, which he named aniline.
  2. Aniline is toxic by inhalation of the vapour, absorption through the skin or swallowing. It causes headache, drowsiness, cyanosis, mental confusion and in severe cases can cause convulsions. Prolonged exposure to the vapour or slight skin exposure over a period of time affects the nervous system and the blood, causing tiredness, loss of appetite, headache and dizziness. Awesome! And they put this stuff in hamburgers and hot dogs?!
  3. The term 'carcinogen' refers to any substance, radionuclide or radiation which is an agent directly involved in the promotion of cancer or in the facilitation of its propagation. Some authorities class aniline as a carcinogen.

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