10 July 2007

Britain's biggest dog

I knew a guy or two named Goliath and they were both huge dudes. Like, truly, that was their first name, not their nickname because they were so big.

Goliath is a hard f*cking name but how could the parents be so sure? Even if mom and dad are both 7 feet tall that doesn't guarantee little Goliath will grow to be the same.

What if you name your kid Goliath and he grows up to be 5'7'', 130 lbs? It'd be pretty embarrassing and he would get tortured. Same goes for Samson. I know a dude named Samson and it fits him perfectly, so how the hell were his parents so cocksure?

I guess we'll never know.

Standing 6' 5'' on his hind legs at 276 lbs this Great Dane/ Newfoundland mix named Samson is believed to be Britain's biggest dog.

But although he might be the size of a small horse, owners Julie and Ray Woods insisted that Samson's bark is most definitely worse than his bite. "People are often instantly intimidated when they first see him but he is so gentle and wouldn't harm a fly. He loves being patted and is very affectionate." Awwww, Samsonhead the gentle giant.

Everyone loves a good gentle giant story.

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