23 July 2007

Dateline NBC: To Catch A Predator An Identity Thief... was a total bust

I happened to catch this hilarious new Datline NBC effort "'To Catch an ID Thief" last night and it was f#cking atrocious.

"I'm Chris Hansen" needs to stick to his deadpan delivery and setting up pedophiles as this new show was convoluted, confusing and completely forgettable; not gripping, at all. They teased at every commercial and I couldn't care less about sitting through the commercials. It was a total dud.

They followed a few different mid-western rubes who'd been duped by a jpeg of some hot mocca skinned momma that they thought was their business partner and soon-to-be relocating lova.

So these huskers think they're in kahootz with this hot tamale, who only exists in a single jpeg, and they begin shipping high-end electronics and all sorts of shit all over the free world for "their" new "company".

Chris Hansen then sets up his own fake shipping company and tries to track down some ID thieves by following a package from its origin but he's unsuccessful.

Then they fly the whole crew to f$cking West Africa to try and find a giant stereo system that cost $2,000 to ship. Uhh, OK boys. Go get 'em!

Chris Hansen walks amongst donkeys on dirt roads with a DHL shipping manifest asking the local tribesmen about a home theater system and they look at him like he's from Mars. It was f%cking classic.

Foiled again like Heraldo and Capone's empty vault, they then decide to set up a ringer package with a tracking device hidden inside. They'll follow the package again from the U.S. to West Africa but the thieves outsmart them and Chris Hansen finds nothing but his ringer package, as is. Again, a classic moment.

It was the most confused and desperate show I'd ever seen. I was shocked NBC let it air; it should've been scrapped on the editing room floor.

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