19 July 2007

Did Siouxsie and Budgie break up?

Das net is simply ablaze with rumours of Siouxsie and Budgie splitting up.

There are lots of clues that the two are no longer an item; I suppose starting with the fact that Siouxsie's new album "Mantaray" will be a solo album; her first solo album ever.

In 30+ years Siouxsie has never done a "solo" record and in nearly 30 years Siouxsie has never done a record without Budgie! Awww, it makes me wanna cry. Ever since Budge joined the Banshees for the watermark "Juju" some 26 years ago, Siouxsie and Budge have been inseparable... until now. Dun-dun-duuhhhhh...

People are busy furiously dissecting the lyrics to "Into A Swan", the first leaked single from her new record, unearthing not-so subtle hints that she's left Budgie and come out of the closet; oddly enough, I always thought Budgie would be the first to come out of the closet. I guess she beat him to it. It'd be great if they now both came out.

Siouxsie's website has also mysteriously changed and Budgie hasn't posted a blog in ages...

Still some say its all just rumours and Sue and Budge are still a couple living together in a small village in south west France with lots of books and cats.

One conceivable scenario suggests that since the last Creatures album "Hai!" was basically Budgie's solo record, "Mantaray" is simply Siouxsie's turn, which makes sense... however, Siouxiseface appeared on "Hai" whereas Budgie is nowhere to be found in the credits for "Mantaray". Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Either way, I found "Hai" uninspired and boring as fuck. I recall even Lovely Sue looked bored to tears in the studio watching Budgie endlessly tracking improv percussion with ex-Kodo drummer Leonard Eto. And fuck, who could blame her?! Yawn. I heard a few songs from her new record and they sound totally ALIVE; like I haven't heard her since ye olde days. So whatever works, babe.

Personally I just can't see why she would make Budge sit this record out unless the two weren't speaking or something. I bet it was a big deal for her to put it all together on her own after all these years of being a 2 man army. You go girl ! I still love you Budge.


Tim Anderson said...

We at Japablum share your pain. Truly. We're walking into walls. But we must issue a correction: Budgie actually hooked up with Ms. Sioux and her Banshees for the first time for the landmark Kaleidoscope album in 1980, not Juju in 1981. No need to apologize. We're all in delicate states right now.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm worried too, well actually really freaked out
that Siouxsie and Budgie are no longer together.

I was listening to a BBC Radio 2 program tonight called "The Weekender" and the host interviewed her
last thursday mainly about the new record. They got into Banshees history for a little bit and when he asked her about Budgie, she said

"After 25 years we are no longer."

They way she said though made my hair stand on end. No explaination as to why, nothing. The host didn't press it and moved on to something else

Now I found your article. Wow. It must be true. Crazy, Banshees and Creatures is gone I guess.

Budgie is the greatest drummer on earth!!


Anonymous said...

They are not just separated, but actually already divorced. It's over, kaput, finished, gone.

You won't find Budgie in the closet either, he likes the ladies far too much and that is why they are divorced. It's hard to think of Siouxsie as being vulnerable, somehow. I hope her new album brings her fantastic success and helps her get over the misery she's been through.

Anonymous said...

The face on the "Hai" cover is NOT Siouxsie. If my memory serves me well, it was a photograph Siousxie came across or re-staged or something like that. Anotehr reminder that things are not always as they appear.

Gotham City Insider said...

Haha, no no you misunderstood me. I called her "Siouxsieface" as a term of endearment. I didn't say "Siouxsie's face was on Hai" but I see where it could've been misunderstood. Haha. thanks for reading so closely!

Anonymous said...

Budgie joined the Banshees on Kaleidoscope, not Juju. There are so many errors in your blog it's dizzying. As Siouxsie has said many times (and in interviews as far back as The Rapture era), she's never been in the closet. She's always been open about being bisexual. Why people insist on reading Into a Swan as some coming out declaration is beyond me. And as someone else posted, Budgie is absolutely not in the closet, either. He definitely likes women.

Anonymous said...

And...Siouxsie had a ball on Hai! It was not a Budgie solo album. The Creatures came to be because they wanted to experiment with more stripped down voice and percussion. Go back and listen to Feast and the Wild Things EP.

BeatriceBlue said...

You all know she's been remarried to a Patrick Clarke since Oct. 2007, right? Wow. Never thought this day would come!!

Gotham City Insider said...

Patrick Clarke?

You mean Peter Clarke which is Budgie's real name.

I do not think they've remarried however.

I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

There is no Patrick Clarke. She is not remarried. Where do you tools get your information? Oh right, the internet.

Anonymous said...

in your article you stated that Budgie joined the Banshees on "Juju" which, in fact, it was "Kaleidoscope"....and to step up for the "Hai!" album....i thought it was a fantastic record and it's just Siouxsie who's "uninspired" and "boring as hell"....definately NOT Budgie or Eto.....listen to the INSTRUMENTAL version of the CD and you'll see that, with minimal vocals, it's shines...if Siouxsie would just get over herself sometimes and realize that there ARE other people making music with her, perhaps she could shine again...if you notice, most of the best Banshees' songs were written by Steve.......and to finish, Siouxsie's solo record sucked MAJOR ASS, and for people who don't think so, you MUST be new! anyone who's going to give that record a thumbs up is defiately going deaf! it was some lame attempt at typical radio cock rock that everyone seems to pass as music lately; the vocals are seriously weak, the lyrics generic, and the bitchen rock riffs are tired, as if arranged by someone who wasn't really trying all that hard.....it's sad, so sad........