12 July 2007

Firefighters against Giuliani produce propaganda video

The International Association of Fire Fighters and Uniformed Fire Officers Association, produced a video called Rudy Giuliani: Urban Legend.

The video is roughly 13 minutes of explaining how Giuliani's action led to firefighters' deaths during September 11. That's a brutal condemnation to make; granted nothing is more brutal than what happened on 9/11, yet still.

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Meanwhile, IAFF President Harry Schaitberger said,

"Rudy has used the horrible events of September 11 to create a persona that is an elaborate fabrication. He is nothing more than a shameless self-promoter." (I agree 100%, he took the ball and ran with it like any politician would have, let's not kid ourselves here)
UFA president Steven Cassidy told the Sun,
"We're just setting the record straight. We had 120 firefighters in the north tower who couldn't get out because they had pieces of junk for radios. … We know he's not qualified to be the president and Americans will learn that, too."
Giuliani's campaign immediately fired back, with this statement from retired firefighter Lee Ielpi, whose son died in the World Trade Center,
"In 2008, I expect these same union bosses to endorse Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards, so today's comments are just a first step in that process. Fortunately, rank-and-file firefighters know the difference between politics and leadership."
I've said in the past that 9/11 seemed to turn the public's opinion of Giuliani from pre 9/11 Hitler/Big Brother to post 9/11 Churchill/hero; however I think this attack on Rudy is certainly politically motivated and relies 100% on the virtue of hindsight.

Blaming Rudy for the shitty FDNY radios at the time is quite a powder keg of a scenario not to mention a bit of a stretch. There are a lot of things we know now that we didn't know then, I suppose its hard not to make accusations based on hindsight.

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