03 July 2007

Fireworks... on the radio?

You know I be lovin' my 1010 WINS. In fact, I'm their self-acclaimed #1 fan. This is the only time they lose me... July 4th. When they broadcast fireworks... on the radio. It's absolutely hysterical.

Yes, I know it isn't just the sounds of the explosions but a synchronized musical soundtrack but still... Fireworks are for TV, as are parades, NASCAR, mimes and ventriloquists.

1010 WINS doesn't broadcast NASCAR but they could because after all they do broadcast the Thanksgiving parade; which is equally as funny. Mona Rivera telling me that the Woody Woodpecker balloon is about a block away in a grueling theater of the mind excercise.

It's 1987, I have a color TV set and my friend John down the street has a microwave oven. I can watch the fireworks if I wanna; I don't need to rely on Juliet Papa telling me about the brilliant blues and cobalt red stars and stripes high above the river.

I dunno, maybe I'm an asshole but 1010 WINS hyping up and teasing their special fireworks on the radio broadcast is just sorta silly.

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