24 July 2007

I feel bad for Little Lindsay from The Block. I've never seen her as one of these nouveau socialite/parasite making-the-scene paparazzi twats. I mean she was in A Prairie Home Companion, how evil could she be?

I just see Lil' Lindsay as confused and misguided. Typical sure, but she's just young and dumb and surrounded by excess with naive and uncontrollable impulse problems while Paris Hilton is just crass, shameless, useless and talentless. At least Lindsayface has done some movies, Paris is simply the daughter of a rich dude, thats her claim to fame.

I think I just hate Paris because for most people Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Paris are interchangeable, and I understand why. But I don't mind Nicole Richie either; I think she's OK, too. I guess I just hate Paris and I'm trying to justify it. Did somebody say Justify?! HOLLA.

So my poor little Lindsay just got out of jail and rehab and was looking better than ever on her sunny beach road to recovery. She still managed to look hot naturally turning her S.C.R.A.M. ankle bracelet (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) into a crème de la crème highly coveted accessory.

But last night L.L. was pulled over and charged with another DUI, possession of coke and driving on a suspended license. This is not good because she already has a slew of other charges pending.

Oh, Lindsay... Imma say a novena for you, girl. I know you're gonna clean yourself up and make The Bronx proud!

How could you hate on such a sweet bitchface like this!?

And if you're compelled to read or know more, TMZ has basically turned into LindsayLohan.com so go there and check it out. They've been posting updates on her whereabouts every 5 seconds or so since her arrest last night.

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