19 July 2007

I hate flakes; I always have. Maybe I'm too high-strung but to me "I'll be there in 10 minutes" means I'll show up in 5, "5 minutes" means "right now" and "I'll call you later" means exactly that. But there is something about Amy Winehouse that I can't come to terms with. Not only is she a total fucking flake but now TMZilch has a video of Amy doing up her trademark homeless beehive in a tube station! God, I love her. In fact, if I loved her anymore, I think I'd actually hate her.

Click here to see the video not there

I usually have a lot of trouble getting my TMZ videos to play so here are some shameless pics of Britney S. going for a totally planned "impromptu" swim/photo op in her bra and panties.

"Places everyone!! I'm going for a totally wild and crazy impulsive spur of the moment swim! Everyone ready? Wait, I can't start my totally wild and crazy dip until the guys from Star get here"

Can you imagine this lunacy?! Look at these maniacs!

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