30 July 2007

I hate when mommy and daddy fight

courtesy of NME.com

Ex-New Order bassist Peter Hook, who left the band after New Order's Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris declared him no longer part of the set-up, has declared the band defunct.

He has threatened to sue the pair over continuing under the New Order banner.

Previously, Hook had told NME.com that New Order wouldn't be continuing. This prompted a statement from Sumner and Morris declaring that New Order was active, but from now Hook would not be part of the group.

Addressing Sumner and Morris, Hook wrote on his MySpace page: "This group [New Order] has split up! You are no more New Order than I am! You may have two thirds, but don't assume you have the rights to do anything 'New Order-ey,' because you don't. I've still got a third! But I'm open to negotiation." He signed the statement off by writing, "See you in court!"

Whats worse New Order finally disbanding or the fact that MySpace is always somehow involved?

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