07 July 2007

I love grapes and my bathroom is haunted

Produce Pete was just on talking about grapes. Mmmmmm I love grapes.

So I've decided the bathroom of my new flat is haunted, but not in the spooky, creepy way, well I guess that all depends on what you consider creepy.

My bathroom seems to be haunted by a fan of glam metal. For every time I'm in there random songs pop into my head. Songs I was never really into even when I was into Poison. These songs seem to come from the tiles and permeate my spongey cerebrum.

Yesterday, you may or may not recall, I had White Lion's "Wait" in my head all day.

This morning I was sitting on the throne, reading about demi-sec's and the Goulburn Valley when suddenly Ugly Kid Joe's "(I Hate) Everything About You" entered my head. "And I, hate the beach and mountains too..." seconds later I was inundated with another tune... the super-passionate and hopeful "Don't Close Your Eyes" by Kix!?! I never even liked Kix or knew a single song by them, so how the F is this song in my head?! I had to Google the lyrics just to figure out who sang the tune! Therefore someone else must have placed this song in my skull.

So, I've decided my bathroom is inhabited by a glam metal ghost. He must've done his hair in there before he went to L'Amour years ago; maybe a few bumps off the sink, who knows.

Come over and tell me what songs you pick up.

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