18 July 2007

sometimes its fun to rain on parades

So some dude named "Marty Z" gets married. I guess Marty Z is hella into Back To The Future; so into it that his wife arranges for a DeLorean to meet them outside the church as rice is being thrown.

A DeLorean pulls up with a Doc Brown lookalike driving, a stuffed version of his dog 'Einstein', a JVC video camera and a red puffy vest. Oh, god.

"I was in total shock and had no idea it was coming." Marty says "The wedding had ended, and we were leaving Old Town Hall (which, coincidentally, looks a bit like the Hill Valley Courthouse) when a DeLorean rolls up, and Doc Brown jumps out of the car and yells to me, 'Marty, you've got to come back to the future with me!' I flipped -- our guests went nuts screaming and cheering -- and I totally felt like a kid again."

Oh my, this dude sucks. This is gonna get old quick. I bet the wife will be pissed when she sees him smiling wider with the stupid Doc Brown lookalike and the DeLorean than he is in the wedding pictures. She'll kill him in his sleep.

I love Casino and Goodfellas. So I hope for my wedding my wife arranges for our limo to explode once I'm in it.

Anyway, so as I'm reading the Back To The Future article, all I'm thinking is how the F do you fit 3 people in a goddamn DeLorean?! Well, it didn't look very comfortable at all. See for yourself.

[Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy]

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