24 July 2007

I was busy paying my bills and came face to face with my "Driver Responsibility Assessment Statement" a/k/a the letter I got a week or so after I paid my now legendary $140 speeding ticket which said I now also owed $300 or $100 a year for the next 3 years as an additional punishment/fine thanks to a convenient new law that was passed in November of 2004 a/k/a/ a total fucking racket.

So anyway, as I begrudgingly wrote out another check for the charming sponge-like Department of Motor Vehicles I came across this on their website which may be the funniest thing I've read all year:

If you have a compliment for the service that you received at a DMV office or from a DMV representative, use these instructions to send your compliment to the DMV.

HA! Amazing!

Manning the inbox for the NYS DMV compliment emails must be the most boring job in the world. I bet you'd get a lot of summer reading done; heck, maybe even have time to start a blog!

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