30 July 2007

I'd-Phreak Out !

iPhone enthusiasts were so eager to stand on long lines to be the first to drop $600 on a toy phone. Now the new toy shine has worn off reality sets in.

A man in Chicago has filed the first lawsuit claiming no advanced warning about the iPhone's battery issues. Namely, that the battery is sealed inside the phone and in order to change it one must ship the phone back to the manufacturer - leaving the owner with no phone in the interim.

The lawsuit claims that this information did not appear in the product's packaging and never came up in Apple's promotion or marketing of the device. A group called the Foundation for Consumer and Taxpayer Rights made a similar complaint about a week after the iPhone went on sale.

By the way, if you are an iPhone owner, you should know that your phone's memory, address book, emails, etc., will be wiped clean when it's returned to you. Enjoy your phone!

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