31 July 2007

I'm hardly ever late to anything and if I am you know theres gonna be a great story behind why. So I’m on course to be at my office for say 8 AM today. I got an early start, caught an early bus.

I was reading my Rupert Sheldrake and decided to take a nap as I always do - and as most would probably need to do after a few chapters of Rupert at 7:15 in the morning.

So I missed my stop - 48th and Madison. I’ve done it before and usually I wake up at the last stop on 57th Street. No big deal. A brisk walk over to 45 and Lex.

But today I woke up outside the Jacob Javitz Center! Seems I was on my way to the bus depot! Mr. Bus Driver didn’t realise anyone was still on the bus. This was like a children's book come to life where Lil' Johnny gets left on the bus in the big city!

So I’m on 38th and 11th now. I hail a cab. He takes me cross town and naturally this takes forever because its 9 o'clock now.

My man, the bloodshot eyed Rasta cab driver, gets into a feud with another cabbie, an Israeli guy, and they start gunning after each other, cutting each other off, screaming at each other... it was LUNACY. One of the craziest cab wars I've ever been in by far. The whole time he's got Lionel blasting on Air America which was cool because I haven't heard Lionel since he left WOR. He sounds good.

But I was literally flying all over the backseat of the cab like I was on a roller coaster. They almost killed ten or twelve people in the heat of their feud down 38th street. When we hit Park Ave it was the climax of the feud and Rasta went in for the kill and cut off Israeli guy good and took the checkered flag. Keep in mind, the whole time I'm flying around this dudes backseat I'm thinking to myself "if he crashes, can I sue the city?"

Whatever. $15 later, it's 9:30 and I'm at work with another experience. It's gorgeous out today and I'm happy.

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