13 July 2007

Interpol at MSG - the big room ?

Eh, I dunno. I'm happy for them that they've grown big enough to book at MSG but the biggest place I've ever seen them play was Radio City and it felt quite weird there, too. Oh wait, and I saw them in Boston on that Curiosa Tour thing; that stage was probably bigger; it was like a PNC-esque amphitheater and we had waiter service for the whole show. Go us!!

But MSG, the main room? Interpol's sound seems so purposely and beautifully bleak and barren like driving through Poland on a rainy Tuesday, I don't know how it will ever translate at a cavernous catacomb like Madison Square Garden. Nothing ever sounds good or close there. It's impossible.

MSG is for Van Halen in the 80's, bombastic rock fury and for really popular acts that wanna play NYC and thats the biggest we've got; Interpol is no arena rock band and they never will be and not because of quasi-punk rock guilt but because of the style of music they play.

I would just rather see Interpol do a string of dates at a more intimate spot than MSG. Or maybe the sepulchral MSG will lend itself to Interpol's desolate sound? I dunno. I guess we will see.

Interpol plays MSG on September 14 and I believe tickets go on sale tmrw.

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