30 July 2007

Let me officially go on record and say that I never knew Theresa Duncan or Jeremy Blake and while we may have some mutual friends I never met either of them.

Sadly, I learned of their existence the same time I learned of their untimely demise. I've become fascinated with this story because there is so much hearsay on the net about it right now; so many people coming out of the woodwork and volunteering even more fascinating and imaginative speculation.

I don't know what it is about the story that has struck a chord with so many people in this "blog" culture (BARF!) but so be it. I guess we're all human and seduced by romantic tragedy.

I just wanted to say my peace before I was hauled in for questioning.

I don't know them, I never knew them and I have no inside information on their deaths; how they died, why they died, where they died... Everything I know has either been gleaned from other people on the net or from my wild imagination, speculation and supposition.

I cannot verify any information or ideas suggested here or elsewhere. I am not an authority on this issue.

And I Thank you.

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