06 July 2007

Let's Get Critical

Let's be critical and pretend we're perfect. It shouldn't be hard to do. OK? Cool.

Now, lets start from the left. Turquoise shirt, is that a young Zack de la from Hard Response looming in the shadows?

Front row, girl in white tank top with shabby-chic 25lb. Polaroid camera around her neck, is she singing into her cellphone? God, who could she be calling? And may god have mercy on their soul. Wait, is she also giving the devil horns, too?! Wow. This is too much for even me. Let's move on before I lose it.

Now we've got young Ally Sheedy circa The Breakfast Club who'll probably move to France, become a model, find heroin and that'll be that... Heroin Sheedy is followed by wacky Urban Outfitters pink shirt / red stars guy who doesn't look an hour over 16, but uh oh look out! its wacky "I Hate McDonalds" guy with the wacky Burger King crown brim and cat lady glasses leading the charge...

Yeah, what the F are they staring at?! And is that dude with a Goofy nose?

Are they all stomping their principal? Woooooooo teenage riot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's actually a pic I stumbled upon on Brooklyn Vegan of a furious crowd @ a "Kalamazoo Matt & Kim show" and I'm so happy that I have no idea what that even means. This guy took the photo, u can ask him.

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