11 July 2007

Liking Harry Potter is not ironic

OK look, can we all stop with this "I'm 26 and I love Harry Potter" charade. It's done. It's not ironic or wacky or sublime. The publishers targeted the books to be for children age nine to eleven; it was meant to encourage young children to read.

End the fantasy.

There is absolutely no reason you should be lined up outside a movie theater at midnight on a week night to see "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix". Don't you work? Enough with the Muggles and the Whomping Willow wand-makers, and the magicians and the wizards and the jugglers.

Welcome back to the real world. Step out of Lord Voldemort's wizardry world and back into R-E-A-L-I-T-Y.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Hufflepuff McGoo!

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