27 July 2007

Live dangerously vicariously ! Tonight & Free...

...The Whitney Live series continues with the music of visionary lunatic Sun Ra. The evening will include a reading of a new opera, Mr. Mystery: The Return of Sun Ra to Save Planet Earth!, with music by Fred Ho and libretto by Quincy Troupe. Guaranteed to be très bizarre and you know the Moore's will be there somewhere. (6pm @ The Whitney 945 Madison Ave (HOLLA!) Pay What You Wish a/k/a FREE!)

After that, run the fuck over to the South Street Seaport...

SUICIDE is playing the Seaport tonight. Need we say more? School yourself here. (SUICIDE goes on at 8 @ Pier 17 and its FREE!)


PETA's open letter to Britney and Paris

Dear Paris and Britney,

So, you have popped into a pet store to pick up some more doggy arm candy. Your impulse purchases of dogs encourage others to follow suit, no matter how ill-equipped they are to provide a decade or more of care for a little dog who has feelings and needs and who requires patience, veterinary care, and stimulation other than nightclub music and bar laughter.

Also, for every pet store puppy purchased, a pound puppy dies (and a breeder -- probably somewhere in Arkansas or Missouri -- is rewarded for adding yet another litter to the pet overpopulation crisis).

A California bill that would have required most dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered-and therefore would have helped reduce the taxpayer burden for disposing of (killing) homeless animals-was recently defeated by greedy breeders. Perhaps you and other vacuous stars need to tattoo "Don't buy while pound pups die" on your foreheads to remind each other of that home truth.

Very truly yours,
Ingrid E. Newkirk, President


Nicole Richie looking deliciously like Mia Farrow at a wake on her way into court today to face charges for her most recent DUI bust -- her second DUI conviction in 4 years. Oh, Nicole, u so crazy! Her boyfriend, Good Charlotte's Joel Madden looks like he's on his way to the funeral for his career. OHHHHHH DIP! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT!

Courtroom sketches have always intrigued me; such a distinct style, this one looks like the artist went to F.I.T. though


A group called Corporate Accountability International has been pressuring bottled water sellers to curb what it calls misleading marketing practices.

So the lables on Aquafina water bottles will soon be changed to spell out that the drink comes from the same source as tap water.

Aquafina is the single biggest bottled water brand, and its bottles are now labeled "P.W.S.'' but the new labels will spell out "public water source.''

"If this helps clarify the fact that the water originates from public sources, then it's a reasonable thing to do,'' said PepsiCo spokeswoman Michelle Naughton. Doublespeak damage control is like a natural aphrodisiac to me.

The corporate accountability group is also pressing for similar concessions from The Coca-Cola Co., which owns the Dasani water brand.

Dasani ! Get yo ass in here!

Dasani's website says that Dasani comes from local water supplies and is then filtered. Huh?

"We don't believe that consumers are confused about the source of Dasani water,'' Coca-Cola spokeswoman Diana Garza Ciarlante said. "The label clearly states that it is purified water.''

Right, purified tap water. Got it.

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