02 July 2007

Monday's Terrorist Roundup

  • Friday: Police uncover two Mercedes sedans in London rigged to explode with gasoline, propane canisters and nails.

  • Saturday: Two lunatics drive an SUV straight into the entrance of Scotland's Glasgow Airport. The two SUV occupants survive this kamikaze mission; running from the Jeep covered head to toe in flame they fight with police throwing punches and shouting "Allah, Allah!" One of the dudes had also been wearing an explosive belt that failed to go off. I've always wondered if they still get the virgins if they accidentally survive a suicide mission or is that an automatic forfeit? They're probably gonna have to talk to someone in HR at Al-Qaeda.

  • Pins drop and airport terminals from Liverpool to JFK are intermittently closed over the weekend in a jittery world.

  • And now Das Feds fear a terror "spectacular" for the summer (something even John McClane can't handle). Sweet. Don't panic, just go out there and live like theres no tomorrow. Now more than ever; Love, spend, eat, drink, travel, drive fast. Life is short, with or without these lunatics and their flaming Jeep Cherokees.

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