26 July 2007

Moz rocks Atlantic City business conference?

My friend Moz Nut 69 just returned from another of his following Moz around the East Coast jaunts...

Here's his exclusive report / our IM exchange:

Moz Nut 69: my follow moz tour just ended. tues in atlantic city that show was kind of shot it was in a conference room at the borgata and hardly anyone there but philly the night before was awesome

Gotham City 9'er: what?! Moz in a conference room?! Was it a private party for some firm ? did some hip insurance company hire Moz for the entertainment at the end of their conference?

Moz Nut 69: haha i mean it was a venue with a stage called the "events center" but it was upstairs a hall of rooms, carpeted floor.

Moz Nut 69: classic conversation i heard, female casino employee to male bar tender

Lady: whos playing tonight?

Bartender: Morrissey

Lady: who?

Bartender: Morrissey, he was big in the 80's

Lady: ohhh no wonder hes here then

Bartender: Ha yeah, The Smiths

Lady: So i'm sure it won't be sold out then

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